Still knee deep in veg! See how our story grew.

We've got a fresh new website to reflect our passion for organic seasonal foods and to celebrate our humble beginnings.

It’s been an interesting 2020 and 2021 to say the least!  As a small organic food business, we’ve had to review and respond to the changing needs of our customers and our community. To showcase these changes we’ve built a fresh new website to reflect our brand, tell our story, celebrate our values and showcase our products, still with the core values of Honest, Tasty and Proudly Organic, which continues to be our daily mantra.

Our website showcases our story and our values. Rod knee deep in veg on his organic farm, whipping up some homemade soup, which he duly took to market. How we respond to customer’s changing needs which includes lots of vegan recipes - and our traditional chicken soup - as well as gluten and dairy free options. We also wanted to talk about the importance of our place in the community, ingredients, ethics and more.

We have freshened up our range this spring and summer to include six tasty fresh soups and two dips, available to buy from the chiller cabinet at your local shop.  We also produce smaller, takeaway pots and bigger formats for caterers. On our new site you can still access our online shop too, delivering soups and dips to you, or your loved ones, just a click away!

Rod and Ben’s soups and dips are delicious and are made in the right way, with no additives, or preservatives, just the way you’d make them at home. These past years have made it crystal clear. There are never been a better time to eat well and look after ourselves. We know that only the good stuff goes into our food.

Let us know what you think.