Comfort Food at Rod and Ben’s

‘Comfort food’ is trending right now. It’s that time of year when people are craving a bit of cosy, now the leaves  – and the rain – are falling. The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping. 

Comfort food to me is a bit of nostalgia, something sentimental perhaps that my mum made for me, or a small treat. For many it’s chocolate or ice cream, but I’m thinking shepherd’s pie, beans on toast, scrambled egg or a bowl of warming soup - and to lighten the carbs maybe a hot chocolate. 

This Autumn and Winter will be no different. We are turning to our comfort foods and looking for something moreish which brings that feeling of warmth, and happiness, but now without a heap of additives, carbs, fats and other things. 

At Rod and Ben’s, we change our recipes seasonally to fulfil that elusive intangible need. A big bowl of warming soup and a big chunk of fresh bread will certainly hit that mark and fill that belly. 

Our Autumn and Winter soups are packed with organic green veg, pulses and peas, thick with sweet potato, root veg, warming spices and fresh herbs. 

This year, we’ve got a few new soups in our pots, including my favourites Spicy Chicken & Tomato Soup and Sweet Potato, Lentil and Turmeric as well as our well-loved favourites Spiced Lentil and Honey Glazed Root Veg. 

- Honey Glazed Root Vegetable

- Kale, Spinach and Black Pea

- Sweet Potato, Lentil and Turmeric

- Moroccan Vegetable

- Tomato, Spinach and Kale

- Spiced Lentil

- Rustic Chicken

- Spicy Chicken and Tomato (NEW!)

Take a look around our shop and order a box of our very best Autumn and Winter Range and you’ll find your comfort.

Honest, Tasty and Proudly Organic, as always.