Thinking about our environment - small steps forward…

At Rod and Ben's we are always looking at ways to make better use of our resources. Reducing waste, as well as saving time and money is always a good idea. To this end, we've reviewed and made some changes for our trade partners. 


  • Cardboard boxes and cases are going! We have started using a Shelf Ready Format - ie you can put it straight on the shelf, so no unpacking required. This reduces the amount of packaging used and improves transport efficiency. And, although it's plastic, it's 100% recyclable!
  • 2ltr Catering Bottles will be package in 3s (instead of 4s) from Mon 28 March. Our client feedback shows that customers wanted to order more flavours - not necessarily larger quantities - so this will increase the range of organic soups you can offer on your menu. 

AND IT'S GOODBYE TO... Rod and Ben's Salsa and Houmous. Ah, we loved them too, but we have to concentrate on our tasty organic soups!

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