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Comfort Food at Rod and Ben’s

‘Comfort food’ is trending right now. It’s that time of year when people are craving a bit of cosy, now the leaves  – and the rain – are falling. The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping.  Comfort food to me is a bit of nostalgia, something sentimental perhaps that my mum made for me, or a small treat. For many it’s chocolate or ice cream, but I’m thinking shepherd’s pie, beans on toast, scrambled egg or a bowl of warming soup - and to lighten the carbs maybe a hot chocolate.  This Autumn and Winter will be no different. We are turning to our comfort foods and looking for something moreish which brings that feeling of warmth,...

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Our Story of Seasonality

If you look our logo you’ll see, right below Rod & Ben’s ‘Organic Seasonal Foods’, that’s because we love the seasons and the different joys they bring. At Rod & Ben’s we think about what’s happening seasonally and what you might want to eat in coming months. In our Devon kitchen we ponder, we test, and we pot up what’ll make you happy! Here we are finally rounding the corner to spring and – oh please hurry – summer so our soups will reflect lighter, fresher flavours to match the change in season. This year, as always, we’ll put away a few winter favourites to make way for the new. Coming off the stove, for a while, will be Roast...

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Devon-made flavoursome organic Food to Go

We've been busy in lockdown making our tasty organic soups and dips and planning ahead for what our customers changing needs. We know that folks now want to:  pick up food quickly on the go eat less fat and sugar, we're thinking about our bodies and our diets more than ever eat well, our organic nutritious food with no additives is just the ticket to feel satisfied and good! So we've come up with 'Food to Go' a new Rod and Ben's product to provide a quick, nutritious, warming lunch and snack option for cafes, coffee shops, deli’s, retailers or consumers, helping everyone to shop and go without the linger. Usually the fast option means high fat, or high sugar option, well...

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