The Wonky Potato – the secret of a great organic soup!

The soup made here at Rod & Ben’s is organic. No preservatives, no additives, no nonsense… just honest, tasty organic soup.

Organic potatoes make great organic soup

We carefully develop our recipes to be full of nutritious veg to help you on your way to 5-a-day and we passionately believe that organic food will, as well as being better for the environment, be better fuel for your body, you are, after all, what you eat!

The making of a great soup is not just finding an exquisite taste, it’s also about developing a heavenly texture to convey a delicious taste sensation to your tongue.

Wholesome, tasty winter soups will be thicker, with a chunkier texture, whilst summer soups are fresher, smoother and lighter. Much pre-made food is thickened by using agents such as modified starch but we use, wait for it, wonky potatoes. We don’t specifically go looking for wonky potato, but it makes sense for us to use the less pretty potatoes that might otherwise go to waste. Using up great ‘not perfect’ organic produce grown in Devon and around the UK is a great way for us to keep to our principles of honest and tasty food.  All our ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure the freshest, most flavoursome soup, and all our soups are made in small batches.

We make our soups as you would do at home, that’s why they’re so tasty, it’s not that you’re being lazy by not making your own, but sometimes it’s just nice when your lunch (or dinner) is made for you.

You can now order our soups online and we’ll deliver direct to your door, or you can also send as a gift, the gift of soup! We can also send our dunks and dips in the package (a mix of organic soups and dips) choose traditional soup (such as Roast Chicken Soup), vegan soup (our most popular are Sweet Potato, Spinach & Puy Lentil or Spiced Lentil ) and most of them are gluten free and dairy free too!

 This weeks’ potatoes (photographed) are from Riverford Organics.