12 organic soups from Rod and Ben's on a wooden table with a rough barn wall being them. Includes vegan, meat and fish soups.
Three bowls on a rustic wooden table of Rod & Ben's organic soups and stews, all are gluten free and vegan. Table has a plate of bread and fresh tomatoes and it's all ready to eat.
12 Organic Soups - A Flavour Mix
A bowl of Rod & Ben's organic  Red Russian Kale, Chickpea and Spinach soup, with fresh bread and butter about to be eaten up!
A bowl of Rod & Ben's organic fresh Tomato and Basil soup next to the pot, with fresh tomatoes and bread. The pot shows the soup to be gluten free, dairy free, vegan and organic.
12 Organic Soups - A Flavour Mix

12 Organic Soups - A Flavour Mix

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We'll mix you a box of 12 of our top organic soup flavours which will include three chicken soups and no more than two of any one flavour. Our recipes include: 

Each 600g pot will keep in your fridge for a minimum of 10 days, or you can freeze* if you prefer. A 600g pot will feed one hungry person a big bowl, or two people a smaller portion. You can always pop the top back on for later! 

Our soups are all organic. Some are chicken or fish based, vegan and vegetarian. Diets include gluten & wheat free, and dairy free. 

*Please note we do not advise freezing the Smoked Haddock Chowder

Includes a multi-purchase discount. 

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